Abject Suffering

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About the show

This is a podcast that's nominally about bad games. In reality, it's about the horror of daily life, GameFAQs Gold, strange combatants in the battle of Good vs. Evil, and a singular patriarch known only as Crick. Every Monday, Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross choose a game at random from the titles submitted by listeners, play it, and venture off on a freeform discussion that winds between the topic at hand, and the absurd.

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  • 454: Hugo's House of Horrors

    May 16th, 2022  |  35 mins 9 secs
  • 453: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Future's Past

    May 9th, 2022  |  52 mins 51 secs
  • 452: Silhouette Mirage

    May 2nd, 2022  |  36 mins 13 secs

    This is probably someone's favorite game, which is weird to us.

  • 451: Gourmet Warriors

    April 25th, 2022  |  43 mins 50 secs

    This recently revived and translated SNES game is a little less food-oriented than the title would have you believe.

  • 450: Jaws

    April 18th, 2022  |  39 mins 25 secs

    It's no longer safe to be in the water, but that was usually the case to begin with.

  • 449: DinoCity

    April 11th, 2022  |  44 mins 3 secs

    Imagine if you will a city of dinos.

  • 448: ELEX

    April 4th, 2022  |  42 mins 9 secs

    This one gets a little... gross.

  • 447: Left Alive

    March 28th, 2022  |  35 mins 31 secs

    We know about Solid, Liquid, and Solidus Snake, but are you ready to meet their little brother Solid-ish Snake?

  • 446: Reventure

    March 21st, 2022  |  36 mins 20 secs

    A cute little joke platformer about the many ways a quest can end.

  • 445: Tweenies: Game Time

    March 14th, 2022  |  44 mins 56 secs

    Listen, have fun, go mad, get buried in a Dymaxion house.

  • 444: Game Dev Tycoon

    March 7th, 2022  |  34 mins 53 secs

    Why would you play a game about making games when you could make a game yourself, said the wise man, you absolute clod.

  • Episode 443: Saint Sword

    February 21st, 2022  |  37 mins 18 secs

    The Genesis is home to some very weird and obscure games, and Saint Sword is one of those.